Arrival In Santiago!

After touching down in Santiago at 20:35 on the 28th of September and being granted the stamp of approval, I got a transfer to my hostel.

Upon arrival I immediately met two english girls, Ailsa & Emma who are on a huge South American discovery journey. I was so hungry my stomach was nearly implosing, so they took me to a burger place across the road.

DSC03472 2.JPG


The next day we went rented some bikes and visited Bellavista, the vibrant kaleidoscope-like neighbourhood where my hostel is, and Providencia the downtown and dynamic business district of Santiago.

All the buildings in Bellavista are layered with giant graffiti style murals, it truly is eye candy.

Casual ride along the Mapocho River to Providencia.

In Providencia we stopped for a Pollo Italiano sandwich, and It totally blew our tastebuds up, wow.


La Mechada


Avocado, mayonnaise, melted cheese and pulled chicken… A match made in heaven!

In my next post I’ll talk a bit more about the chilean culture and my trip to Valparaíso!

Here’s a little teaser:


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